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We are exactly that – a team. We work together, taking advantage of all of our various backgrounds to treat each patient as a unique person – not just a diagnosis.  Each member of our team brings with them purposeful dedication, hard work, and a smile. 

Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum, D.O.
President and Director
William La Valle PSY.D.
Director of Clinical Training
Jennifer Brittingham, M.A.
Lead Clinical Counselor
Laura Bansemer
Lead Clinical Coordinator & Office Manager
Alex Talarico
Clinical Outreach Coordinator & Marketing Director
Samantha Algauer, MA, LAC, NCC
Doctoral Trainee
Jenna Blum
Doctoral Trainee
Tera Gibbs, M.A.
Doctoral Trainee
Julia Gomes, M.S.
Doctoral Trainee
Faith Logan
Doctoral Trainee
Alexis Trakhtorchuk
Doctoral Trainee